That's the way Business Basics for Entrepreneurs will approach each topic – small basics down, practicing management and doing business everyday will feel. BUSINESS BASICS. 1. Getting Started. Forms of Organization. Licenses Required. Permits Required. Insurance. 2. Operating. Start from Scratch. Part Time vs. Business Basics, New edition, Workbook. Home · Business Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Business Writing Basics (Self-Counsel Business) · Read more.

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Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Business Basics, New edition, Workbook. Read more I'm in Business: A Crash Course in Business Basics. Read more. NEW EDITION. Business. Basics. David Grant and Robert McLarty. OXFORD company. Grammar. Present simple questions and negatives. Vocabulary. NE E'DI_TION Business Bas1cs David Grant and Robert McLarty T OXFORD NEW EDITION Business Basics Student's Book David Grant and.

Take it in turns to ask and answer questions about your hotels. Use the language Note to help you.

Name Date of arrival Company Date of departure Type of room. Could I reserve a room for next week?

Business basics

May I have your name, please? Can 1 fax you tomorrow? How does the other person respond to the questions in l. Preparing a trip 19 Excuse me to get someone's attention Could I have a room for two nights? May I open the window? Can I leave the meeting early? Certainly, sir. Can you do that by tomorrow?

Use only one word for each space. Yes, it is.

Yes, I'm Chris Sutton. I have an appointment to see Mr Maleta. It's Chris Sutton here. Mr Sutton. Can I have your number? Which conversation is on the telephone? And which one is face-to-face?

Listen and check your answers. In pairs, practise asking and answering questions. Use the verb in brackets. Yes, of course, here you are. Ask your colleague. Listen to these words and put them in the correct row. What other expression does she use to make a request? Write a fax to Mrs Martina Glens at Compaq and ask her for: You make a reservation. What happens after you check in and before you go to bed? Use the words in the box to complete the chain.

You can use some of the verbs more than once. Her plane to Budapest leaves in less than two hours. Look at the pictures and answer the questions below. What time is it now? And what day? Be careful, there's a time difference. Are the shops open? Where can you see the following times?

Breakfast is served between 7. Use the Language Note to help you. Q 0 Now listen to three short extracts, and circle the times you hear. Q What time do you do these things? Complete the table for yourself, then ask a partner. You want to arrive in Budapest in the early afternoon or late evening. Go to your travel agent Student B to reserve: Begin like this: Good morning.

Turn to File P on page Preparing a trip 23 Complete the notes. Minutes to get to city centre. It leaves every. Catt weekends from. Then listen again to check. How long does it take?

How often does it go? When is it open? When does it open? Use the question worcls in the box to help you. How often. How far. What time. How long. Your usual 'or! How do you pronounce them? There is a number or time in each answer.

How far is it from the airport?

What time is the plane? How many companies are there?

How long does it take by road? How many people are there? How often does the bus come? An American colleague wants to visit your company or school from Saturday evening to Wednesday evening. What can you tell your colleague about the following? Match each phrase with one of the pictures above. Now cover the phrases in f. Can you remember the phrases? Olivier t1iras is on a business trip. Listen to two conversations at the airport.

Where exactly in the airport is he in each conversation? Now listen again. Vhen do we use how much and when do we use how many? Customs regulations around the world are very different.

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Complete the questions below, using much or many. Countable and uncountable 1 Countable [C] nouns have a singular and a plural form. They are usually physical objects which you can count, e. Question Singular: Do you have a book? No, I don't have a book but I have a travel magazine. Yes, I do have some cigars. No I don't have any cigars — or any cigarettes.

Business Basics & Types

How many suitcases are there? Do you have any cigars? They also refer to more abstract things which are not physical objects — e. Yes I do. I have some whisky.

No, I don't have any wine or spirits. I can give you some advice about travelling. Two litres. Do you have any advice for me? How much whisky do you have? Preparing a trip 27 I if gee U 6 bottle. Do you have.

I have. When do the banks open? Is there. I want to download. Listen and answer the following questions. Yes, it. In this construction, have changes in form.

Got stays the same. I have a car. I've got a Harley Davidson. He has a new job. You don't have much time. You haven't have not got much money. Do they have any money?

Have they got any information? Does she have a company car? Has he got a computer? Speaking You are at an international business conference. On the tirst night you go to the hotel bar for a drink. You start talking to a colleague. Look at the examples: Have you got any cu. How many employees does your company lzavc? It has Now expand the notes below to make questions with have or have got.

Then take it in turns to ask and answer the questions with a partner. Talk about yourself and your own company, or a company you know well. Where in the diagram would you put the following words?

Make a similar diagram for the words you learnt in Unit 1. III Speaking Work with a partner. Choose a word or phrase from the mind map, e. Make a sentence with the word in it. Your partner has to guess what the word is. A room with a bath? Preparing a trip 29 Look at this letter from his was contact Leanne Sands and answer these qtiesrjons. W34 5: I When is the meeting? Read the letter again. New York To: Leanne Sands Date: When you come out of Penn station, walk up West 3 lst Street.

Take the third right onto West 34th Street. Go straight on down the street. At Herald Square. Continue straight on down East 34th Street. The main entrance is on Fifth Avenue. Give me a call if you have any problems on the way. Have a safe joumey. Lecwb Vocabula ' Studv the Lan uaze Note below about describin osition. Use the information. I Where is the office? Describe the position of the other two.

Describe the -. STATE 5. E 17 ST 3 Which dia ram shows the correct osition of the car? Describe the other two 8 P diagrams. They are side by side. On the other side of the road. The restaurant is on the second floor. I can't move my car, because it's between two other vehicles.

Now look at Part Two of the Language Note above. Trace the route on the map in. Where are you at the end? Cover the Language Note. Take it in turns to describe the route you took in. Then describe how to get back to the General Post Office from where you are. Vernon Linkblatter is in New York. He calls Leanne on his mobile. Listen and answer these questions.

I Business C M camel. Decide where it is on the floor plan above. Look again at the letter in LL: Look at the formal phrases below, and find the corresponding informal expressions in the letter in A. Prior- 1 Dear Mr Linkblatter 2 I am writing to give you instructions 3 Please do not hesitate to call me 4 We hope you have a safe journey 5 Yours sincerely Now write a letter to a client or colleague to give directions on how to get to your company or school on foot from the nearest station or bus stop.

Draw a map if necessary. You can use a formal or an informal style. He lives in London, and he leaves home at eight. Can I sit down? Please take a seat. This is my book, and these are yours. Ur -I: It is used for: Advice Wear comfortable clothes. download a good road map. Offers Have another biscuit. Don't drink any alcohol before you drive. B Reading Travelling long distances by air can be stressful and very tiring.

Here are some ideas for making long-distance air travel easier. Circle the appropriate form of each verb, as in the example. Do I Don't do some sport in the days before your flight.

Check I Don't check that you have all your travel and business documents several days before your departure. Go I Don't go to bed late the day before your flight.

Leave I Don't leave for the airport early. Wear I Don't wear comfortable clothes, like T-shirts and jeans. Drink I Don't drink a lot of water - the air in the plane is very dry. Drink I Don't drink a lot of alcohol — experts say alcohol has a very negative effect on your body at high altitude. Stand up I Don't stand up every two hours, walk up and down the plane or do some simple exercises.

Go for a walk in the airport, or take a shower some airports have them. Ask some other people in the class what they like doing in their free time.


What do you like doing in yourfree time? Does she like walking? I like going to the cinema. Do you like playing squash? I'd like I would like to go to the cinema this weekend. They'd like to come to the football match on Saturday.

Would you like to play squash this evening? Would your colleague like to come with us? Look at this dialogue.

Which question asks about general interests? And which question is an invitation? Do you like volleyball? Would you like to play this evening? That would be very nice. Now have similar conversations with a partner. Use these prompts: Monique Dumont works for Execo in France. She wants to speak to David Payton, a customer in Sydney. Listen and complete the message below.

Can you. Hold on one moment, please. Now listen again to check. Away on business 35 Who's calling, please? This is Monique Dumont. Is that David? Set one file aside for your business goals and objectives, both short and long-term.

These files become your informal business plan. Both public and private sector resources are listed and key web base sites have been noted. A listing in this manual is not an endorsement; nor are the listings comprehensive. Word of mouth and the Yellow Pages offer many additional contacts. The partial listing in this publication is furnished for your information with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no guarantee of reliability implied.

Starting and operating a profitable food business is complex. Be prepared to develop an extensive network of advisors and information sources. The Inside Story An agri-food processing business consists of four key components: Marketing Production Human resources Each component has a life of its own and grows at different stages.

Business Basics: Student Book Home Business Basics: Student Book. Business Results Intermediate Student Book. Read more. Vocabulary Basics for Business. Help Yourself Business Basics.

Business Accounting Basics. The Student Book. Business Basics, New edition, Workbook. Introduction to Business, Student Edition. World Club: Student Book WC.How many rooms are there? The Swatch Group is a group of sixteen watch cornpanies. This way. Speaking 0 You need information about a hotel. Kindest regards Thanks again.

Con : Placing ads on prime time slots is expensive. You and your company 9 Now listen and check your answers.