Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground is a book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. It is an account of the early Norwegian. Start by marking “Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground” as Want to Read: The book focuses on the scene surrounding the extreme heavy metal subgenre black metal in Norway in the early s, with a focus on the string of church burnings and murders that. Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Unde and millions of other books are available for instant access. Ships from and sold by lacatanphydun.tk Start reading Lords of Chaos on your site in under a minute.

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Similar books to Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground New Edition (Extreme Metal); Due to its large file size, this book may take. Read Lords Of Chaos - 2nd Edition: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground (Extreme Metal) book reviews & author details and more at lacatanphydun.tk There is much that can and should be said about this book. Initially I intended to unveil all the lies in this book in a thorough and systematic.

Because Aarseth too thought La Vey was nothing but an American capitalist pig! I am insulted by the fact that they list some American clown like La Vey, or some pervert mental case like Crowley, as an influence to anything I have ever done or said! The authors of this book on the other hand even interviewed La Vey about his allegedly influence on our movement and the people involved.

Perhaps Moynihan is a member of The Church of Satan and wanted to give it some credit and influence on a growing movement?

In any case it is all lie-propaganda and I am sure the authors of this book knew that perfectly well! I mentioned Venom and the fact that I never listened to their music.

In fact the only person in the whole Black Metal scene in Norway who had listened to Venom was Aarseth although he still claimed he liked them a lot I - luckily - never heard him play any of their records. Everybody else in the scene either hated Venom or didn't even know who they were.

As an example I can tell that the first time I even heard about them was in ! So contrary to what the authors claim, with the possible exception of Aarseth, not a single soul took Venom seriously, not a single soul was influenced by Venom, not a single soul even liked Venom - and that includes Hellhammer of Mayhem too Necrobutcher wasn't a part of the scene at the time, as he had a break from playing music.

Still they keep nagging about Venom throughout the book, and list them as some sort of origin to the whole movement and the ideas it was built upon. The fact that I wore a Venom T-shirt in court does not change this fact.

I wore it because it had the text "Black Metal", and for no other reasons. I could go on and on exemplifying how ludicrous this book and the theories of the authors really are, but I have better things to do. The authors have done such a bad job I don't know if I shall laugh or weep really.

They build the book on absurd and stupid assumptions, they give credit to all the wrong people like Venom and The Church of Satan as mentioned , they interview all kinds of completely to me unknown people who obviously have no insight into or even good knowledge about the subjects discussed and the authors don't understand one bit what Black Metal was about on and After reading this book I am left with a feeling of pity. I pity the writers for making such fools of themselves.

I pity them for their ignorance. I pity them because I know how embarrassed they will be when they and everybody else realize how worthless this book really is. Alas, this book serves only one single purpose and that is to create a myth around my name and to mystify me. If that was their objective they have indeed succeeded with their work. Well, the book seems to have served one other purpose too.

The authors have managed to fill the heads of a generation of metal fans with lies.

What could have been a righteous revolt has been made into some pathetic, embarrassing, brain-dead, impotent and traditional poser-culture best exemplified by bands like Dimmu Borgir - and indeed Venom! In the start of the book they ridicule me for my allegedly paranoid conspiracy theories, claiming it is ludicrous to believe the Jews run many important establishments in Norway when there are so few of them in Norway.

Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground

He is even a member of the ultra-Jewish International Humanist and Ethical Union in Norway, which even has a Jewish leader, so he is working for them whether he likes it or not - whether he understands it or not.

Throughout the book the arsonists are accused of actually strengthening Christianity in Norway. This is said over and over again, seemingly in an attempt to make the arsonists look like idiots. Yeah, maybe that was correct in when they wrote this book, but in November in we could read in the newspapers in Norway that for the first time in history a majority of the Norwegian population is actually not members of the state church!

I won't take credit for being the reason for that, although I would like to think I have contributed to this development, but I will adamantly claim that their theory Christianity has been strengthened in Norway because of the church arsons is obviously proven wrong.

They have imprisoned me, at times silenced me through different means and I can in fact thank my perception that I am even still alive. I might be unable to properly defend myself against such spineless and dishonorable attacks today, but nothing lasts forever. I might even receive some help ex machina and I am confident the tide will turn in favor of the truth. The pig-system has tried to strangle me and destroy me as an influence on others for more than ten years now.

They understand that it was a mistake to sentence me to 21 years in prison for something any normal man would get 8 or 10 years for. And this is not just something I am making up. Even regular law students in Norway have opened their eyes to this fact.

Normal people have a sense of justice, and although they don't necessarily agree with me in any way they know it was not right to give me 21 years in prison. So what can the pig-system do? Like Nietzsche said: For that sole reason they cannot overtly get rid of me. All they can do is to destroy my name and make sure nobody with a right mind will ever listen to me or take me serious. They have tried to have me declared insane two times, but all the four psychiatrists I spoke to said that I showed no signs of insanity whatsoever.

The psychiatrists whom I spoke to in late , even described me as "unusually cultured and polite", "very or "highly" intelligent and knowledgeable on many areas", "very or "highly" patient", "in complete control of his emotions" and so forth.

With such good reports it is hard for them to attack my name using the truth, so they turn to lies. The same applies to the arrests made in context with the Aarseth case in They all know that I have no fault whatsoever for the others to end up with sentences. When the police arrested me I said nothing. I didn't even tell them my name. Had the others done the same they would have gone free all of them, and me too. Of course the people involved know this and they are embarrassed by this fact.

In to this book was completed some of them hated me and wanted to get back at me for killing Aarseth, and they did that by spreading lies.

It is all lies, and had the authors done their job better, they would have known. In fact it puzzles me that they don't know, or perhaps they just don't care and prefer the lies? In the chief investigator was interviewed in "VG", to my knowledge the largest newspaper in Norway, in context with another case, a murder of a girl called Birgitte Tengs see photo.

Blabbermouth.net -

In this interview he was hailed as the best tactical investigator in Norway, and in this interview they say that he had outwitted all the criminals he had interviewed with one single exception. That exception is also named in this interview, and that was "Varg Vikernes". This was a very intelligent move by the police, but it was a scam! There were no fingerprints. They had the fingerprints of the guy who founded the body, but they never had mine. In court the fingerprints were never mentioned, neither by the prosecutor nor by my councilor.

Had they been real, had the police really had my fingerprints in blood, I am pretty sure that would have been an issue during the trial! Although the investigator obviously succeeded in outwitting the authors of this book too, he never succeeded with me - as he stated in that "VG" interview - and the claim that I left my fingerprints in blood at the crime scene is obviously proven wrong.

As for me boasting and bragging about different crimes to all the guys in the scene, as claimed over and over again in the book, that too is a lie. When I was preparing for the lawsuit against me by the Oslo municipal lawyer and the insurance company I used a new councilor and his comment after reading through all the police interviews was that he had never before read such an amount of bullshit in his life.

Not a single witness had actually heard from me that I had admitted to any crimes. They had "assumed" that I had, based either on my "smile" or my "silence" when they brought up the subject, or something like that. They assumed that I was responsible because it was the general consensus that I was responsible for these crimes. Now tell me, is that "boasting" and "bragging"? I think not.

Because of this the prosecutor used only one single witness in each case.

The others were useless as all their information was second-hand or third-hand information based on different peoples' assumptions. Tomas Haugen Samoth was the sole reason I was convicted for burning down Skjold church - because he was there himself and said I was too.

None of the other witnesses were even brought into court - and of course the prosecutor never needed anything more that this. There was no other evidence suggestion I was guilty. There were no other evidence. A signed contract suggested I had either sent a contract or handed it to him personally a day or two before he died, but that would never have convicted me in any case.

Like I said there were no fingerprints, and no other technical proof either. I was found guilty and sentenced to 21 years in prison solely because the testimony of these witnesses. I can add that all these witnesses were young from 18 to 22 years old , they had no experience with dealing with the law, they were mislead by the media and the police into believing I had brutally murdered Aarseth to take his place or something like that.

The police told them - and this is information I have from them directly - that the police first and foremost wanted to get me. In court in not a single witness testified against me. Two of them showed up and told the court they had given false testimony against me in the trial of , one of them showed up and refused to say anything, and the final two witnesses didn't even show up. Instead of pointing at the fact that I was found guilt of these crimes and sentenced to 21 years in prison based solely on dubious testimony from Aarseth's friends the authors of this book try to ridicule me and make me look like an idiot.

I hold no grudge against the witnesses today, because I understand that it is not easy for an 18 or 22 year-old with no previous experience with the law to know how to relate to them. When the best investigator aided by a massive media coverage - a bloody campaign by the media to get me convicted - it is not easy to resist. At the time they wrongly believed I had no understandable motivation for killing Aarseth at all.

The media or the police surely never told them I had defended my life. Why would they protect me in any way when they had been manipulated and fooled into believing I had murdered their friend? It was not until years after they - or some of them anyway - found out and realized that Aarseth actually planned to torture me to death. Had they known that back then perhaps things would have been different, but they didn't, and I cannot blame them for that.

I forgive them, because I understand them. I was prepared for that and knew how to act simply shut up and get some sleep, and wait until the cops have to let you go on lack of evidence - perhaps after a week, a month or even a year, but eventually they have to let you go. I say that because I don't want anybody to give these guys any heat because of their failures in and Forgive and forget.

To the authors of this book I can only say it's embarrassing to see how you regurgitate the lies of the police and media. Perhaps now you understand how I can call people like you unknowing? Another point in this book review would be that the Black Metal scene I was a part of was born in late and died in early That is like a one and a half years period in the lives of the people involved.

It all happened at least eleven years ago. From Black Metal became something else, something created by the stereotypes and lies of the media and made into the gutless and commercialized scene we see today. It became something that had little if anything to do with the Black Metal scene I was a part of.

The reason for that was not my interview with that newspaper in January , but the fact that the media didn't want to listen to my explanation to this horribly bad interview or to what any of us had to say. Everything became distorted beyond recognition by the journalists and ended up like the messy crap presented to us in "Lords Of Chaos". I can only say I am puzzled by the fact that things we said or did when we were teenagers could have such repercussions to a music scene.

We were like twenty people in all back then, all contributing in some way to the end result in , and look at Black Metal today! Nothing is left of what once was.

In Oslo we see Fenris of Darkthrone as the only one left, sitting in a pub drinking beer and longing for the days when it was something original and special. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on site Don't have a site? Product details Paperback: Feral House,U. English ISBN Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Customer images. See all customer images. Showing of 1 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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Most helpful customer reviews on site. There are some good interviews in this book with a hand full of musicians from the black metal scene, but this book misconstrues countless facts and many of the most important events in the history of the genre. Black metal's most prolific musicians such as Fenriz condemn the text.

See a Problem?

Who's word should really be taken? Some Swedish journalists looking to make a dramatic story, or the actual people who lived out the events and know the scene from inside out? I am actually embarrassed to have sourced this book once. This book started off as potentially interesting as it traced the early days of Black Metal and its pioneers, though even then I had a hard time sensing whether the authors knew of the potential comedy by the extreme views of its subjects.

In fact, this book could have become an intriguing exploration pairing Euronymous and Vikernes as two sides of metal mania—the rebel vs. But alas, from the coverage of the murder and trial, the authors got sloppy, similar to their care in the formatting of this book, and got carried away with Vikernes, who pales in personality to Manson, despite several attempts to pair the two together, to then delve into a long treatise on satanism and the spread of Black Metal.

Perhaps the movie will present a far more interesting view of this subject matter. The hundred or so pages covering Mayhem were fascinating, but the book runs out of steam around the time Varg is interviewed about Nazi UFOs for pages on end. Verified download. Four stars for the amazingly deep, detailed coverage of a sub-culture subject.

The first few sections of the book tell the story well, the latter parts pile on detail that at times is more than you'll ever want to know or take the time to read.

As an extreme metal fan, I appreciated it but admittedly skimmed through the late sections on UFOs and Norwegian National Socialist policy. There are some interviews in here that you wouldn't get anywhere else. An interesting indepth look at how the Black Metal scene began in Norway along with interview pieces with members at the forefront.The start of this book was well-done.

I found him difficult to listen to because I simply wasn't that interested in his ideology. When he starts delving into murders in Florida, the Electric Hellfire Club not a metal band , or the rise of far-right political parties in Russia, he dilutes the impact of the book's earlier half.

This article may contain indiscriminate , excessive , or irrelevant examples. It's been said before but Lords Of Chaos is certainly the definitive volume on black metal and the people who created it, as well as what might be called the fall from grace of its early adherents.

I won't take credit for being the reason for that, although I would like to think I have contributed to this development, but I will adamantly claim that their theory Christianity has been strengthened in Norway because of the church arsons is obviously proven wrong. That was the real value of thi Ok, this was a fascinating read, but one that I wouldn't really recommend.