Order the NFPA 70, National Electrical Code Handbook. The Handbook NFPA NEC Handbook - Current Edition Handbook PDF - ($). National Electrical Code Handbook (National Fire Protection Association National Electrical Code Handbook) · Read more. National Electrical Code ® Handbook Tenth Edition Mark W. Earley, P.E. Editor- in-Chief Jeffrey S. Sargent Senior Editor Joseph V. Sheehan, P.E. Editor John M.

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download NFPA 70_ National Electrical Code (NEC) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE® and NEC® are registered trademarks of the. National Fire .. Source: National Bureau of Standards Handbook. Wire Size. HANDBOOK NEC HANDBOOK PDF ONLY 70HB17PDF. Manufacturer PN: HANDBOOK. Kendall Electric Inc PN: Invoice Description.

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Article regulates theaters and similar occupancies where fire and panic can cause hazards to life and property. Drive-in theaters do not present the same hazards as enclosed auditoriums. But the projection rooms and adjacent areas must be properly ventilated and wired for the protection of operating personnel and others using the area.

Chapter 5 also covers residential storage garages, aircraft hangars, agricultural buildings, service stations, bulk storage plants, health care facilities, marinas and boat yards, mobile homes and parks, and recreation vehicles and parks. Special Equipment Article covers electric signs and outline lighting.

Article applies to cranes and hoists. Article covers the majority of the electrical work involved in the installation and operation of elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators and moving walks. The manufacturer is responsible for most of this work.

Electrician's Exam Preparation Guide to the 2008 NEC Book with CD + eBook (PDF)

The electrician usually just furnishes a feeder terminating in a means of disconnect in the bottom of the elevator shaft. The electrician may also be responsible for a lighting circuit to a junction box midway in the elevator shaft for connecting the elevator cage lighting cable and exhaust fans.

Articles in Chapter 6 of the NEC give most of the requirements for these installations.

Article regulates electric welding equipment. It is normally treated as a piece of industrial power equipment requiring a special power outlet. But there are special conditions that apply to the circuits supplying welding equipment. These are outlined in detail in Chapter 6 of the NEC. Article covers wiring for sound-recording and similar equipment. This type of equipment normally requires low-voltage wiring.

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Special outlet boxes or cabinets are usually provided with the equipment. But some items may be mounted in or on standard outlet boxes. Some sound-recording electrical systems require direct current, supplies from rectifying equipment, batteries or motor generators. Low-voltage alternating current comes from relatively small transformers connected on the primary side to a volt circuit within the building. Other items covered in Chapter 6 of the NEC include: X-ray equipment Article , induction and dielectric heat-generating equipment Article and machine tools Article If you ever have work that involves Chapter 6, study the chapter before work begins.

That can save a lot of installation time. Here is another way to cut down on labor hours and prevent installation errors. Get a set of rough-in drawings of the equipment being installed. It is easy to install the wrong outlet box or to install the right box in the wrong place. Having a set of rough-in drawings can prevent those simple but costly errors. Special Conditions In most commercial buildings, the NEC and local ordinances require a means of lighting public rooms, halls, stairways and entrances.

Exit doors must be clearly indicated by illuminated exit signs. Chapter 7 of the NEC covers the installation of emergency lighting systems. These circuits should be arranged so that they can automatically transfer to an alternate source of current, usually storage batteries or gasoline-drive generators.

As an alternative, you can connect them to the supply side of the main service so disconnecting the main service switch would not disconnect the emergency circuits.

See Article How to Prepare for the Exam This book is a guide to preparing for the journeyman or master electrician's exam. It isn't a substitute for studying the recommended references and it won't teach you the electrical trade.

But it will give you a complete knowledge of the type of questions asked in the electrician's exam. It will also give you a "feel" for the examination and provide some of the confidence you need to pass.

Emphasis is on multiple-choice questions because that's the style that nearly all tests utilize. Questions are grouped into chapters. Each chapter covers a single subject. This will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Then when you take the two "final" sample exams in the back of this book, analyze the questions you miss. You'll probably notice you are weaker in some subjects than others. When these areas have been discovered, you will know that further study is necessary in these areas. If the minimum wire size permitted under the NEC to carry 20 amperes is No.

The preparatory questions in the front part of this book have the answer after each question. When reading a question, cover the answer. Read the question carefully. Mark your answer on a separate sheet of paper before looking at the correct answer. Check to see if your answer is correct. If it isn't, read the code responses to find out why it is wrong. How to Study Set aside a definite time to study, following a schedule that meets your needs.

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Studying a couple of hours two or three nights each week is better than studying all day on, say, Saturdays. The average mind can only concentrate for approximately four hours without taking a break.

There's no point in studying if you don't retain much of the information. Study alone most of the time, but spend a few hours reviewing with another electrician buddy before exam day. You can help each other dig out the facts and concepts you will need to pass the exam. Try to study in a quiet, well-lighted room that is respected as your study space by family members and friends.

File:National Electrical Code 2008 Edition.pdf

If it's hard to find a spot like that in your home, go to the local library where others are reading and studying. Before you begin to study, spend a few minutes getting into the right frame of mind.

That's important. You don't have to be a genius to pass the electrician's exam. But good motivation will nearly guarantee your success. No one can provide that motivation but you. Getting your license is a goal you set for yourself; it's your key to the future a satisfying career in the electrical industry. As you study the NEC and other references, highlight important points with a marker. This makes it easier to find important passages when you're doing the final review - and when you're taking the exam.

Put paper tabs on the corners of each major section in all the references you will take into the exam room. On the portion of the tab that extends beyond the edge of the book, write the name of the section or the subject. That makes locating each section easier and quicker - an important consideration on an open book test.

Speed in locating answers is important. In the sample exams at the end of this book, which are based on actual state and county examinations, you will have from two to four minutes to answer each question, so you don't have time to daydream or mess around. If you want to pass the exam, you must take it seriously.

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Your study plan should allow enough time to review each reference at least three times. Read carefully the first time. Make a final review of all references and notes on the day before the exam.

This is the key to success in passing the exam: Review, review, review! The more you review, the better your grasp of the information and the faster you will be able to find the answers. The Examination Questions on state and local examinations are usually compiled by members of the electrician's examination board. Board members usually include several electrical contractors, a registered electrical engineer, electrical inspectors, and perhaps a trade school instructor. Most electrician's exams will include questions on the NEC, general knowledge of electrical practice, theoretical questions, and local ordinance rules.

All of these fields are covered in this preparation guide. State examinations are usually given twice a year, or perhaps every three months. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save.Questions are grouped into chapters. Commercial garages, aircraft hangers and service stations are typical special occupancy locations. There are three basic wiring methods used in most modern electrical systems. The format of the actual examination, the time allowed, and the reference material which the applicant may be allowed to take into the examination room vary with each locality.

Article covers electric motors, including mounting the motor and making electrical connections to it. They are circumstances which are beyond your control. How to Prepare for the Exam This book is a guide to preparing for the journeyman or master electrician's exam.

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