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Bedded by the Boss book. Read 70 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Bedded by the Boss Erotic Romance/NovellaApproximately download novel bedded by the boss bahasa indonesia pdf. renee guillot, seorang ibu bedded by the boss miranda lee pdf mo said: sad to see the end of this. Bedded By The Boss (Louisiana Liaisons #3) | BACA NOVEL ONLINE ratings and 65 reviews. bedded by the boss miranda lee pdf Mo said: Sad to see the.

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Bedded by the Boss Louisiana Liaisons 3. Lyn - Kobo She was no doubt trying to score with a sexy carnival worker at this very moment. It wouldn't be the first time.

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But money was still tight. There was never much left over each fortnight.

Treats were a rarity. Presents were always cheap little things, both on birthdays and at Christmas.

But Jessie had realised at the time that by this coming Christmas, Emily would be far more knowing. As much as Jessie had enjoyed being a full-time mother at home, the necessities of life demanded that she get off welfare and go back to work.

So last January, Jessie had enrolled Emily in a nearby day-care centre and started looking for a job. Unfortunately, not with great success in her chosen field.

Despite her having her name down at several employment agencies and going for countless interviews, no one in advertising, it seemed, wanted to hire a graphic artist who was a single mum and who had been out of the workforce for over three years.

The ad in the paper had said it was for the position of receptionist. No experience required, just good presentation and a nice phone voice.

Basically, she was sent out as a decoy to entrap men who were suspected by their partners of being unfaithful. Her job had required her to dress sexily, make contact, then flirt enough for the target to show his true colours. It had only taken Jessie half a dozen such encounters before she quit.

Maybe if, just once, one target had resisted her charms and shown himself to be an honourable man, she might have continued. But no! Each time, the sleazebag—and brother, they were all sleazebags! On top of that, her expenses had gone up. Even with her government subsidy for being a single parent, having Emily in day-care five days a week was not cheap.

The only bonus was that Emily adored going to her pre-school. Jessie sometimes felt jealous over how much her daughter loved the teachers there, and the other kids. Too much. She was now four, going on fourteen.

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And had not been impressed when her mother tried to skirt around the subject. A flustered Jessie had been pinned down and forced to tell Emily the truth. That her daddy had died in a tragic accident before she was born.

And no, her mummy and her daddy had not been married at the time. Jessie had found her in a corner of the back yard, having a serious conversation with her life-sized baby doll—the one Dora had given her for her fourth birthday in August.

Emily had fallen ominously silent when her mother approached. Jessie had been very relieved when her daughter had finally looked up, smiled brightly and asked her if they could go and see Santa at K-Mart that afternoon, because she had to tell him what she wanted for Christmas before it was too late.

Clearly, Emily was too young at four to be devastated by the discovery that the father she had never known was in heaven. The PI had said to give him a call if she ever needed some extra cash. Which she surely did, because a Felicity Fairy doll was the most expensive doll to hit the toy market in ages.

Jessie would need all of the four-hundred-dollar fee she would earn tonight to download the darned doll, along with all its accompaniments. There was a fairy palace, a magic horse and a sparkling wardrobe full of clothes.

It was the classiest, sexiest dress she owned, but it was six years old and Jessie feared it was beginning to look it. That style is timeless.


You look gorgeous, Jessie. Very sexy. Like a model. Without my make-up on, no man would give me a second glance. Full breasts. Tiny waist. Slender hips and long legs.Was she hearing right?

Bedded by the Boss

No way! Kiranjot Bhullar rated it it was ok Dec 14, He knew what she was doing; the faint half smile that curled the corners of the beautifully shaped mouth told her that.

Then one day while working Renee finds out that Robert isn't married and Robert is making life harder working for him. It sounded almost as if he was having to force himself to speak at all. And then she would be out of here—sooner if possible.