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O TEMOR DO SABIO is a translation of this work. El temor d'un home savi ( Crònica de l'assassí de reis 2) is a translation of this work. Die Königsmörder- Chronik. Vindens navn by Patrick Rothfuss Ebook Download. The Slow Regard of Silent Things Ebook Download O temor do sábio Ebook Download. Results 1 - 24 of 26 recommend. Not owned · El temor de un hombre sabio - ebook recommend. Not owned · O Medo do Homem Sábio--Parte II - ebook.

Like cake, it tastes good but has little nutritional value in it. Make no mistake, I really enjoyed the first book, but as a followup to a great book, The Wise Man's Fear was insultingly bad. We were left with many burning questions at the end of The Name of the Wind. Would Kvothe learn to control the Wind? How would he be thrown out of the University? Would he ever become an Arcanist?

Would he find some way to make money?

Would he ever avenge his parents? How did he come from the promising youth seeking clues to the supernatural beings that murdered his family to the broken down innkeeper telling the story? Would he ever make any sort of progress with Denna, or would my book simply explode while I read it because of the pent up sexual tension?

Were any of these questions answered or even addressed in this book? Not a one.

We begin where The Name of the Wind left off, with a much older Kvothe, now an innkeeper, telling the story of his life to the king's Chronicler. It is a story in three parts, told in three days, much like the silence that haunts his inn. As Kvothe begins his story, the book switches from third person to first person. He begins his next term of schooling at the University.

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Some of his teachers love him, others hate him. Luckily, the "plot" finally intervenes, and Kvothe takes a year off from his schooling for adventure, and hopefully to fill his pockets with a little money to fight off his abject poverty. An acquaintance conveniently knows of a rich and powerful nobleman in a distant land that is looking for a clever young musician to help him win the heart of the lady he has his eye on.

Fortunately, Kvothe happens to be a clever young musician.

Then the tangent from the tangent takes another tangent to another distant land where he learns to tangent from a group of tangentary tangents, but is tangented by yet another tangent after leaving when he tangents upon some young tangents in need of being tangentially tangented away from--wait, what as I talking about again? Oh right, I'm reviewing a book. One could say that the entire last half of the book is just one gigantic tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and ultimately leads nowhere.

Falling out with his lordly employer, Kvothe returns to school with an arrangement that for his services his education and expenses at school would be taken care of.

Patrick Rothfuss - The Lightning Tree (traduzido).pdf

At which point he resumes his school life as if nothing has happened and the book ends rather abruptly, again with no climax, no conflict, and no resolution. The good? Rothfuss has an excellent sense of humor.

Kvothe can be entertaining at times, when he's not acting like an insufferable smartass The world and the magic system are very well thought out, and the different cultures and races seem very distinct and real. The writing itself is excellent. So good in fact, that most people don't even realize what a god-awful mess every other aspect of the book is. Despite all the bitching I do about this book, it was worth reading at least once for the humor, or to see the train wreck for yourself.

The bad?

El temor de un hombre sabio / The Wise Man’s Fear

Almost every woman in this book is a figurative, if not literal, whore that exists for the sole purpose of pleasuring, comforting, or otherwise confounding Kvothe. News flash Pat, women are people too.

The same as you and me, with thoughts, feelings, and desires all of their own, that do NOT typically revolve around some incomprehensible and fantastical yearning to please men.

Just thought you'd like to know. Half of this book is copy and paste from the first book.

The other half has little to no point and goes absolutely nowhere. Like I said, Patrick Rothfuss has great ideas, but no storytelling skills to apply them to.

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One could say that the entire last half of the book is just one gigantic tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and ultimately leads nowhere. Beautiful bookmark and sticker are from heyatlascreative! You are not alone.